We planted trees

On 19 May 2017, together with A/S Latvijas Valsts Meži and Mazsili tree nursery, the Erasmus+ team (6, 7, 8, 10 and 11th Form pupils) learned about pine and fir growing and participated in forest planting work. Overall, we planted 2000 pine seedlings.

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Use of games in teaching STEM subjects

Project agreement number: 2016-1-NO01-KA219-022040_4

From 5 to 10 March 2017, a joint Erasmus+ activity took place at Rīga School No. 22 and Kuressaare Grammar School, Estonia. On the first two days, our colleagues from 6 countries learned from our teachers different ways to study various STEM subjects by playing games:
  • 1st Form Maths
  • 2nd Form Maths
  • Study Workshop in Science
  • Study Workshop in IT
  • 1st Form Construction
  • 4th Form Chemistry
  • 5th Form Maths
  • 6th Form Maths and History
  • 6th Form Maths


On Wednesday, we went to Pärnu Science Centre, where we saw how a city teachers’ initiative had grown to a science centre regularly visited by Pärnu schoolchildren. We participated in a study workshop about using tablet PCs to study astronomy. On our way to Estonia and Saaremaa we found out about many games that we could play on the bus.


 On Thursday and Friday, we learned from our Estonian colleagues (at Kuressaare Gymnasium) how to use robots, interactive blackboard and smartphones in the study process.


STEM in Myrskylä - from outdoor learning to robotics

Project agreement number: 2016-1-NO01-KA219-022040_4 

In November 2016, we visited a school in Myrskylä, Finland, where we learned about various extracurricular activities. We were shown studies in school classes, schoolyard and even in the forest. We observed how entertaining maths (for example, adding number in the snow), coding, natural sciences, chemistry and physics classes were created.


For more information about the event, see the project website.

Full STEAM ahead for better education

Project page in eTwinning.

Project agreement number: 2016-1-NO01-KA219-022040_4 

This year, the school started participating in a new Erasmus+ project Full STEAM ahead for better education.

The objective of the project is to exchange and share knowledge, methods, pedagogical practices related to teaching STEM subjects using various forms of art and making school a place where children are actively involved in the studying process.

One school from Norway, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Spain and Latvia take part in the project.

The first task of the project was to create a greeting video in which each school would present itself in its language. Let’s get acquainted!

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