The main purpose of the school is to ensure the high quality of education. The school works with licensed programs in all educational stages.

The aim of Preschool Education program for children 5-6 years old is to develop preschool children and to prepare them for schooling. In this program the basic subjects of preschool education are supplemented with such subjects as Logo Rhythmic, Rhythmic, Logic and Development of Thinking, Design, and also with the course "Introduction to the school life". (see the photo album)

Not in the first time the school organizes classes to prepare children of 5-6 years for schooling. In 2005, the school had received a license from the Ministry of Education to conduct such kind of classes. To these classes we welcome all children including those who attend preschool education institutes and those who do not.

Middle school program forms student's skills to learn, conduct research and experiments under the guidance of a teacher, introduces with the basic knowledge of science and technologies, gives an opportunity to gain the experience of creativity, provide the improvement of the language competence.

General Education Program in secondary school is based on an equidistribution of natural science and humanitarian sets. This approach allows graduates not only to receive a comprehensive education, but also provides an opportunity to enter any high educational institution of their choice.

Compulsory subjects: Latvian language and Literature, Russian language and Literature, English language, Math, Computer Science, History, Economics, Sports, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Health Science, History of Culture.

Choosing Subjects: Ethics, Psychology, Logic, Technical Graphics, History of Art, The Second Foreign Language, Programming.

After School Activities

Classes in the checker studio, take place in a creative environment and help students to develop their logical thinking. Checker classes are held among elementary school students from 1 to 4 grade. The best checkers represent the school at the annual individual and team competitions in Salaspils, where representatives of more than 20 teams from all over the country are coming. In the spring of 2017, the team of our school got the 2nd place in this tournament. In the autumn of 2016 Arina Trofimova (3a) became the best in the individual tournament among all girls and the best among all third-graders of the tournament.

Creativity of the participants of the Guitar Studio, under the direction of Tatyana Vostokova, is known far beyond the school. The guys participate in concerts of bards of Latvia. Sounds of guitar strings, unhurried search for chords are often heard after classes in the classrooms and corridors of the school.

The amazing works of the studio students at the Ceramic Workshop speak for themselves. How much warmth and kindness is invested in them! At the moment the studio is headed by Mara Mickiewicz.

For lovers of music and vocals, the school organizes classes of Vocal Studios.  Today the teacher of music Larisa Bleiberga leads the music studio for young learners, Natalia Boreiko, a music teacher, is responsible for the senior classes.

To teach a person to dance is not as easy as it seems at first glance. For this we need not only just dancers, but choreographers with practice and experience in dance teaching. Some time ago there was a dance band known in Riga as "Mosaic". Then work in the studio was continued by Anna Zolotoryova (the dance theater "Hermitage"), Alexei Kostenoy (Salsa) and Maria Khutornaia (Contemporary Dance).

Today, the Dance Studio is directed by Ekaterina Zubkovskaya. In the classroom everyone is trained to perform the basic base of dance movements, everyone will be able to uncover the inner individuality, teachers will help them  feel music, move freely under it, to be fully self realized in dance. At the contest of Russian culture and education "Tatyanin Day" -2018, our dance team got the GRAND PRIX for its performance.

 Those who want to change, try themselves in different roles, become free, learn about themselves and their abilities, become self-confident and freely adhere to the scene, director Sergei Georgievich Korotkov invites pupils to the Theater Studio.

 Table Tennis Club founded by Lydia Valentinova


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