Educational Programs

The main purpose of the school is to ensure the high quality of education. The school works with licensed programs in all educational stages.

Middle school program forms student's skills to learn, conduct research and experiments under the guidance of a teacher, introduces with the basic knowledge of science and technologies, gives an opportunity to gain the experience of creativity, provide the improvement of the language competence.

General Education Program in secondary school is based on an equidistribution of natural science and humanitarian sets. This approach allows graduates not only to receive a comprehensive education, but also provides an opportunity to enter any high educational institution of their choice.

After School Activities

  • Vocal ensemble
  • Dance group
  • Ceramic studio
  • Theater studio
  • Club "Debates"
  • Table tennis club
  • Checkers group
  • Chess
  • Programming and IT group
  • Taekwon-do
  • Folklore group
  • Young researcher
  • Sand games

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