Rīga Secondary School No. 22 was born with new times, a new era, on the wave of change in 1946 in central Rīga at 10 Bruņinieku Street.

School No. 22 is the place where children come to study: not just to acquire knowledge, but to learn how to apply it too.

School No. 22 is a place where we understand how important it is to balance studies and children's personalities and not to lose but, on the contrary, to help them find themselves in this chase for knowledge.

A special way of teaching leaves space for pupils' creativity. Teachers do not force knowledge on the children, but encourage them to learn, and from their first year at school kids understand how studying is beneficial for them, not anyone else, and that it is an integral part of life - interesting and exciting. Year by year pupils foster their thirst for knowledge and their sense of responsibility. Here, they will be taught not to fear obstacles, but to overcome those, not to fall after making a mistake, but pull themselves together and go ahead proving that they can do better.

A combination of working atmosphere and relaxed environment prevents everyday studying from falling into boredom while traditional creative events provide everyone with an opportunity to show their talents. Sports competitions are a big part of our school life too. Those who want to develop their talents can attend free guitar or pottery classes, join our choir or take up table tennis. Every year there are new activities to suit every taste.

There is Student Council working in the School and children make their own decisions about organization of a competition or an event, so there are simply no those unhappy with 'the management'.

What makes School No. 22 different from the others is a great team spirit and extraordinary friendliness. Bullying or mockery is simply not the way things are here. A special School tradition, Creative Gatherings, allows pupils from different forms and years interact as equals and helps newcomers adjust and make friends quickly. Your background does not matter; here you are a part of School No. 22. Life at school flows, carries away and bubbles and buzzes without ever stopping. Here, they acquire knowledge and get an opportunity to fulfil themselves, they learn to read, write and count and defend their own opinions and not just something written in a textbook. Here, we believe that helping children develop self-respect and learn universal human values is as important as teaching them how to solve problems and write essays. And their achievements speak for themselves. We are very proud of our winners of academic competitions and our graduates, among whom there are many great names, including the eighth World Chess Champion Mikhail Tal.

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